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​Members of the genus Homo were almost exclusively creatures of the tropics until about:

A) ​200,000 years ago
B) ​1 million years ago
C) ​800,000 years ago
D) ​400,000 years ago

Genus Homo

Refers to the category in biological classification that includes modern humans (Homo sapiens) and several extinct species closely related to humans.


The region of the Earth centered on the equator and between the Tropic of Cancer in the north and the Tropic of Capricorn in the south, characterized by a warm climate year-round.

  • Appreciate the relevance of skin hue and other anatomical traits in the adaptation strategies of humans.

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Around 800,000 years ago, members of the genus Homo began to expand their range beyond the tropics into temperate regions, such as Europe and Asia. This is when Homo erectus is believed to have migrated out of Africa and into Eurasia. Therefore, the correct choice is C.