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Master chess players can make correct game moves at such speed that their acquired expertise feels like

A) an algorithm.
B) a prototype.
C) extrinsic motivation.
D) intuition.

Master Chess Players

Highly skilled individuals with exceptional ability and understanding of chess, often holding titles conferred by international chess organizations.


The ability to understand or know something immediately, based on feelings rather than facts or evidence, often called a "gut feeling."


Advanced knowledge or skill in a particular field, area, or activity, developed through extensive experience or training.

  • Recognize the role of intuition in quick decision-making and the formation of first impressions.
  • Appreciate the role of intuition and implicit knowledge in our learning and decision-making processes.

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Explanation :
Master chess players have developed intuition, which is the ability to make correct decisions quickly based on their experience and subconscious pattern recognition. They are not necessarily following a strict algorithm or prototype, and their motivation is likely intrinsic rather than extrinsic.