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Mary, a retired accountant in in her early seventies, keeps losing her keys and asks the same questions over and over again.To avoid forgetting, she often makes a list of things she has to do but always forgets to look at them later.She also requires more assistance in managing her finances.Mary is most likely in the early stages of

A) aphasia.
B) dementia.
C) delirium.
D) agnosia.


Cognitive disorder including disorientation and memory loss that is acute and usually transient.

  • Recognizing the importance of effective organization and memory aids for individuals experiencing cognitive decline.
  • Identifying the need for increased support and assistance in managing financial matters for individuals with cognitive impairments.
  • Understanding the symptoms and challenges associated with memory loss and forgetfulness in older adults.

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Mary's symptoms suggest a decline in cognitive abilities, including memory and organization, which is characteristic of dementia. Aphasias are disorders involving language processing, delirium involves sudden changes in mental state, and agnosia is the inability to recognize previously known objects.