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Mariposa tends to repeat words she hears her mother use.She also tends to reverse her pronouns using you instead of I and also has difficulty intonating pitch and tone.These speech patterns represent

A) aphasia.
B) echolalia.
C) apraxia.
D) dyslexia.


Impaired ability to produce and comprehend language.

  • Understanding the concept of echolalia and its association with repeating words heard from others.
  • Recognizing the significance of pronoun reversal and its potential implications for language development.
  • Identifying difficulties in intonating pitch and tone as potential indicators of speech patterns.

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Feb 18, 2024

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Mariposa's tendency to repeat words she hears her mother use is a characteristic of echolalia, which is often seen in children with autism spectrum disorder. The reversal of pronouns and difficulty with pitch and tone are also common language deficits seen in individuals with autism. Aphasias are language disorders usually caused by brain damage, apraxia is a motor planning disorder, and dyslexia is a reading disorder. None of these conditions fully captures Mariposa's speech patterns as described.