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_________ maintains that a client's problems develop in the context of family, are sustained by family interactions, and that any change made by the client will affect all the family members.

A) Salvador Minuchin
B) Carl Rogers
C) Albert Ellis
D) Sigmund Freud

Salvador Minuchin

A renowned family therapist known for developing structural family therapy, focusing on the interactions within family systems.

Family Interactions

The dynamic exchanges between family members, including communication patterns, roles, and relationships, that influence the functioning of the family unit.

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Salvador Minuchin is a proponent of family systems theory, which posits that a client's problems are intricately tied to their familial context and dynamics. Minuchin believes that any change made by the client will have a ripple effect on all family members, and that therapy should focus on changing these interactions and patterns rather than just the individual's behavior.