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Mac took a capsule at a party earlier in the evening and is now showing changes in the functions of his central nervous system that are manifesting in both behavior and physiology.He is most likely experiencing:

A) substance intoxication.
B) substance withdrawal.
C) tolerance.
D) a drive-control disorder.


Condition of experiencing less and less effect from the same dose of a substance.

  • Understanding the concept of substance intoxication and its effects on the central nervous system.
  • Recognizing the relationship between behavior and physiology in the context of substance use.
  • Identifying the potential causes and manifestations of changes in the central nervous system.

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The changes in behavior and physiology after taking a capsule at a party indicate substance intoxication, which is a temporary disturbance in behavior, mood, cognition, and physiology caused by the effects of a substance. Substance withdrawal, on the other hand, is the set of physiological and behavioral symptoms that occur after stopping or reducing the use of a substance that one has become physically or psychologically dependent on. Tolerance refers to the need for increased amounts of a substance to achieve the desired effects, or the reduced effects of a substance after prolonged use. Drive-control disorders involve impairments in impulse control or the ability to resist an urge or impulse.