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Lulu has recently been hired to lead the communications division of a regional bank.She calls a meeting of her management team and tells them about her leadership style.She describes how much she really values relationships and co-workers who are highly engaged,who bring a positive attitude,and who are not afraid to offer her new ideas and constructive criticisms.Using Kelley's typology,Lulu is asking her managers to be ______.

A) diehard followers
B) impulsive followers
C) exemplary followers
D) alienated followers

Kelley's Typology

A model developed by Harold Kelley that describes attributions people make about behavior, based on consistency, distinctiveness, and consensus.

Exemplary Followers

Individuals within an organization or group who demonstrate outstanding initiative, commitment, and competence, often contributing significantly to team success and organizational goals.

  • Discern the characteristics and models of followers proposed by different experts.
  • Investigate the relationship between leadership and followership in the pursuit of mutual aims.

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Lulu values relationships and engagement, and encourages her team to offer new ideas and constructive criticisms. These traits align with Kelley's typology of exemplary followers who are actively engaged, take initiative, and are willing to challenge the leader when necessary.