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Lucinda frequently finds herself getting upset and yelling at her husband, co-workers, and friends. What therapeutic technique would start with having Lucinda keep a record of when, where, and with whom she loses her temper?

A) behavioral self-monitoring
B) counterconditioning
C) skills training
D) flooding

Behavioral Self-Monitoring

A self-help technique involving the systematic observation and recording of one's own behaviors and responses in order to modify or change undesirable behaviors.


A behavior therapy technique that involves replacing an unwanted or negative response to a stimulus with a positive one.

Skills Training

A process of teaching specific abilities or techniques to improve performance or competence in a particular area.

  • Acknowledge the significance of self-regulating behaviors in therapeutic settings.

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Behavioral self-monitoring involves keeping a record of one's own behavior and its antecedents and consequences. This technique would be useful in helping Lucinda identify patterns in her behavior and the situations that trigger her anger, which could then be addressed through further therapeutic interventions.