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List the six main emotional roadblocks James L.Adams has identified that prevent us from practicing creativity.Then,identify the one that Adams feels is most detrimental.Is this the same one you would choose as the one most detrimental to you personally? Explain your choice.(It may be the one Adams identifies,or you may have circumstances which would make another more detrimental to you.)


The capacity to produce new ideas, insights, inventions, products, or artistic objects that are considered to be unique, useful, and of value to others.

  • Procrastination
  • Lack of confidence
  • Fear of failure

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This is Adams' list: fear no appetite for chaos preference for judging over generating ideas dislike for incubating ideas perceived lack of challenge inability to distinguish reality from fantasy Adams argues that fear is the most detrimental because it can cause self-doubt,insecurity,and discomfort even before the beginning of the creative process.Individual assessments of which is the most detrimental personally may differ.