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Lipids that are referred to as "saturated" have what in common?

A) All single bonds between carbon atoms
B) One double bond between carbon atoms in the lipid
C) Multiple double bonds between carbon atoms in the lipid
D) Low melting points


Describes a chemical compound, typically a fat, that contains no double bonds between carbon atoms, allowing it to hold a maximum number of hydrogen atoms.

Carbon Atoms

Carbon atoms are the fundamental building blocks of organic molecules, characterized by their ability to form up to four covalent bonds with other atoms, including other carbon atoms.

Single Bonds

Chemical bonds involving the sharing of one pair of valence electrons between two atoms.

  • Comprehend the architecture, formation, and distinction among saturated, unsaturated, and trans fatty acids.

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Saturated lipids have all single bonds between carbon atoms, which allows them to pack closely together, typically resulting in a solid state at room temperature. This structure contrasts with unsaturated lipids, which contain one or more double bonds and often have higher melting points.