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Like the abolitionist movement before it, the labor movement, in the name of freedom, demanded the right to assemble, organize, and spread its views.

Abolitionist Movement

A social and political movement in the 18th and 19th centuries aimed at ending slavery and the slave trade.

Labor Movement

A social movement comprising workers organizing for better conditions, rights, and wages in the workplace.

Right to Assemble

A fundamental right, often protected by law or constitution, that allows people to gather peacefully for purposes such as protest or meetings.

  • Understand the function and influence of key individuals and movements in forming the Progressive era.
  • Investigate the problems linked to industrialization and urbanization, including issues surrounding labor rights and immigration.

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The labor movement, similar to the abolitionist movement, fought for fundamental rights such as the freedom to assemble, organize, and disseminate their ideas, aiming to improve working conditions and workers' rights.