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June is finding it difficult to recognize familiar objects, like tables and chairs, and people, like her close friends and family members.June is most likely experiencing

A) agnosia.
B) apraxia.
C) palialia.
D) aphasia.


Continuous repetition of sounds and words.

  • Recognizing the impact of agnosia on the ability to recognize familiar objects and people.
  • Differentiating agnosia from other similar conditions such as apraxia, palilalia, and aphasia.
  • Understanding the symptoms and characteristics of agnosia.

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Feb 18, 2024

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Explanation :
Agnosia is a condition in which an individual has difficulty recognizing familiar objects, people or sounds, even though the sensory organs are working properly. This matches the symptoms described in the question. Apraxia refers to difficulty in executing purposeful movement despite having the desire and physical ability to do so, Palilalia refers to the repetition of words or phrases, and Aphasia refers to difficulty in understanding or producing language.