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Jenna,16,is practicing using an incentive spirometer after surgery.Her nurse has explained its use,demonstrated how it works,and has also given rationale as to why it is important to use it.By mastering the use of the spirometer,Jenna will demonstrate learning in which of Bloom's domains?

A) Cognitive
B) Psychomotor
C) Affective
D) Imitation

Incentive Spirometer

A medical device used to help patients improve the functioning of their lungs, encouraging them to take deep breaths by using visual feedback.

Bloom's Domains

A classification of educational objectives, created by Benjamin Bloom, that divides cognitive learning into knowledge, skills, and attitudes.

  • Appraise the effectiveness of patient enlightenment and realizing learning outcomes, by means of return demonstration and autobiographical reporting.

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Using an incentive spirometer involves physical movements and coordination, which falls under the psychomotor domain of Bloom's taxonomy.