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Japanese society encourages masking emotions such as anger and sadness by exhibiting polite smiling or a neutral expression.What are these sorts of cultural norms called

A)  rules of engagement
B)  rules of conduct 
C)  display rules
D)  rules of polite society

Display Rules

Culturally determined guidelines that dictate how emotions should be expressed in social settings, affecting the intensity and type of emotional expression considered appropriate.

Cultural Norms

Common norms and guidelines that determine how individuals act within societal groups.


Intense irritation or anger, often leading to feelings of antagonism.

  • Acquire knowledge on the identification and expression of emotions across diverse cultural backgrounds.

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These cultural norms are called display rules. Display rules refer to the societal and cultural norms that dictate how individuals should manage and express their emotions in social settings. In the case of Japanese society, the display rule is to mask emotions such as anger and sadness by exhibiting a polite smile or a neutral expression.