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​Jamil is finding it increasingly difficult to perform activities of daily living as his terminal illness advances, so he is looking into options for home health care and medical facilities as part of what Emanuel and colleagues (2007) call the _______ element of the dying role. He is also struggling with relinquishing his duties as breadwinner, spouse, and parent as part of the _______ element of the dying role.

A) ​practical; relational
B) ​personal; practical
C) ​relational; personal
D) ​personal; relational

Terminal Illness

A disease or condition that is incurable and expected to lead to the patient's death within a short period of time.

Home Health Care

Medical and nursing services provided in a patient's home to treat an illness or injury.

  • Understand the roles and responsibilities during the terminal phase of an illness.

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The correct elements as described by Emanuel and colleagues (2007) are the practical element, which involves managing the practical aspects of care and medical treatment as the illness progresses, and the relational element, which involves adjusting to changes in personal relationships and roles within the family and social circles.