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Israeli Jews differ from American Jews in several ways. Which is NOT one of them?

A) Israeli culture is Middle Eastern.
B) Israeli culture no longer values intellectualism.
C) Israeli culture is a majority culture.
D) Israeli culture developed under an era of war.

Israeli Culture

Refers to the social customs, traditions, religious practices, and cultural expressions of the people living in Israel, influenced by Jewish heritage as well as by the minorities within the country.

Middle Eastern

Relating to the geographical region that encompasses Western Asia and Egypt, characterized by its diverse cultures, languages, and histories.

  • Understand the differences between Israeli and American Jews and their cultural implications.

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Tamara Golic

Mar 10, 2024

Final Answer :
Explanation :
Israeli culture, like American Jewish culture, highly values intellectualism, making choice B incorrect. Israeli culture is indeed Middle Eastern, is a majority culture within Israel, and has developed under an era of war, distinguishing it from American Jewish culture in those aspects.