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________ is usually the most effective treatment for phobias, such as fear of dogs or of public speaking.

A) Exposure therapy
B) Cognitive therapy
C) Psychoanalysis
D) Family intervention therapy

Exposure Therapy

A psychological treatment that involves confronting fears directly and in a controlled manner to reduce the fear response over time.


Intense, irrational fears of specific objects, activities, or situations that lead to avoidance behavior.

  • Discern the effectiveness of particular interventions over alternative therapies for distinct health conditions.

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Exposure therapy is a type of behavioral therapy that involves gradually exposing the client to the feared object or situation in a safe and controlled environment. Research has shown that it is a highly effective treatment for phobias, with many clients experiencing significant improvement in their symptoms after just a few sessions. Cognitive therapy and psychoanalysis may also be helpful for some clients, but they are not typically considered the first line of treatment for phobias. Family intervention therapy may be helpful in certain cases, but it is not a standard treatment for phobias.