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__________ is the most commonly used assessment method in suicide risk assessment.

A) Unstructured interview
B) Structured interview
C) Observation
D) Standardized instruments

Suicide Risk Assessment

A process used by mental health professionals to evaluate an individual's risk of attempting or committing suicide.

Structured Interview

An interviewing technique where the counselor follows an established protocol when communicating with a client. Structured clinical interviews define what a counselor should ask, how it should be asked, and the ordered sequence in which questions should be asked.

Unstructured Interview

An interview that has no established form or structure. Unstructured interviews often start with broad open-ended questions and include follow-up questions based on client responses.

  • Discern the diverse interview techniques used in clinical scenarios and their advantages and disadvantages.

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Unstructured interviews are the most commonly used method in suicide risk assessment because they allow for a flexible and personalized approach, enabling the clinician to explore the individual's thoughts, feelings, and behaviors related to suicide in depth.