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________ is characterized by episodes of sudden loss of muscle tone, lasting under two minutes.

A) Hypersomnia
B) Somnambulism
C) Cataplexy
D) Insomnia


Episodes of sudden loss of muscle tone lasting under 2 minutes, triggered by laughter or joking in people who have had narcolepsy for a long time.

  • Understanding the different sleep disorders and their characteristics
  • Recognizing the symptoms of cataplexy
  • Differentiating cataplexy from other sleep disorders such as hypersomnia, somnambulism, and insomnia

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Cataplexy is a symptom of narcolepsy and is characterized by sudden episodes of muscle weakness or paralysis that can last for a few seconds up to two minutes. It is usually triggered by strong emotions such as laughter, surprise, or anger. Hypersomnia refers to excessive daytime sleepiness, somnambulism is sleepwalking, and insomnia is difficulty falling or staying asleep.