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________ is based on the argument that people with borderline personality disorder have fundamental difficulty understanding the mental states of themselves and others because of traumatic experiences in childhood and poor attachment to their caregivers.

B) Mentalization-based treatment
C) Dialectical behavior therapy
D) Transference-focused therapy

Mentalization-Based Treatment

A form of psychodynamic treatment for borderline personality disorder based on attachment.

Traumatic Experiences

Events or situations that are overwhelmingly stressful and disturbing, potentially leading to long-lasting psychological impact.

Poor Attachment

An unhealthy emotional bond or an absence of bonding between a child and their parent or caregiver during early child development.

  • Acknowledge the disparities and characteristics inherent in borderline personality disorder.

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Mentalization-based treatment is based on the premise that individuals with borderline personality disorder (BPD) have difficulty understanding their own mental states and those of others due to early experiences of poor attachment with their caregivers. The treatment involves helping individuals develop the ability to think about thoughts and emotions in themselves and others, with the aim of improving emotional regulation and interpersonal relationships. STEPPS, DBT, and TFP are also treatments for BPD, but do not specifically focus on improving mentalization skills.