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________ is a procedure used in cases of prolonged and severe major depression, in which a brief brain seizure is induced.

A) Electroencephalography
B) Magnetic resonance therapy
C) Electroconvulsive therapy
D) Positron emission tomography

Electroconvulsive Therapy

A medical treatment most commonly used for severe depression, involving electric currents passed through the brain to induce brief seizures.

Major Depression

A mental disorder characterized by persistent sadness, lack of interest in activities, and may include feelings of worthlessness or guilt.

Brain Seizure

A sudden surge of electrical activity in the brain, leading to temporary abnormalities in muscle tone or movements, behaviors, sensations, or states of consciousness.

  • Appreciate the application of electroconvulsive therapy and diverse brain stimulation methods in the therapy of severe depression.

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Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is a medical treatment for severe mental illness in which a small, carefully controlled amount of electrical current is passed through the brain. This results in a brief seizure. ECT can be very effective for certain mental illnesses, such as severe major depression that has not responded to other treatments.