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_______________ is a fundamental personality dimension that describes the extent to which people are outgoing or shy.

A) Agreeableness versus antagonism
B) Extroversion versus introversion
C) Neuroticism versus emotional stability
D) Openness to experience versus resistance to new experience

Extroversion Versus Introversion

A personality dimension describing the extent to which an individual is outgoing and energized by social interaction (extroversion) or prefers solitude and minimizes social engagement (introversion).

  • Appreciate the influence of Gordon Allport on the development of personality psychology, with an emphasis on central traits.

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The dimension of extroversion versus introversion describes the level of social interaction and engagement that an individual exhibits. Those who score high in extroversion tend to be outgoing and sociable, while those with high levels of introversion tend to be more reserved and prefer solitude.