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_______ involves providing a nonjudgmental setting in which to discuss issues while providing the client with unconditional positive regard.

A) Existential therapy
B) Client-centered therapy
C) Rational-emotive behavior therapy
D) Modern psychodynamic therapy

Client-Centered Therapy

A form of psychotherapy developed by Carl Rogers that emphasizes the therapist's empathy and the client's self-worth and values.

Nonjudgmental Setting

An environment or context in which individuals feel safe to express themselves or share experiences without fear of criticism or judgment.

Unconditional Positive Regard

A concept in client-centered therapy proposing that therapists should offer clients acceptance and support regardless of what the client says or does.

  • Understand the principles and effectiveness of client-centered therapy.

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The description given fits the approach of client-centered therapy, which emphasizes creating a supportive, nonjudgmental environment in which the client feels free to explore their thoughts and feelings. Unconditional positive regard refers to the therapist's unconditional acceptance and support of the client, which is a key aspect of this approach.