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Interviews should have open-ended questions.Which of the following is an open-ended question?

A) What concerns would you have in using this product?
B) Have you used this product in the past?
C) Are you comfortable with using this product?
D) Would you purchase this product?


A way of thinking, acting, and being that combines the ability to find or create new opportunities with the courage to act on them.

  • Understanding the importance of open-ended questions in interviews
  • Differentiating between open-ended and closed-ended questions
  • Identifying characteristics of open-ended questions

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Kennedy Taylor

Feb 18, 2024

Final Answer :
Explanation :
An open-ended question allows the interviewee to elaborate and share their thoughts and concerns in their own words, rather than simply answering yes or no. Option A is open-ended because it asks about the interviewee's concerns in using the product, which allows them to express their thoughts and feelings in detail.