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In what type of engine is the intake valve held open longer than normal during the compression stroke?

A) Wankel
B) Atkinson cycle
C) two-stroke
D) diesel

Atkinson Cycle

A modified four-cycle gasoline engine. Compared to the conventional model, the intake stroke in the Atkinson cycle is allowed to continue longer, until the piston is moving back up to compress the air-fuel mixture. This forces some of the air-fuel charge from the cylinder and back into the intake. The reduced charge generates less power but also uses less fuel and produces fewer emissions.

Intake Valve

A valve in an engine that opens to allow air-fuel mixture into the combustion chamber during the intake stroke.

Compression Stroke

The stage of engine operation during which the air-fuel mixture is compressed in the cylinder by the upward motion of the piston.

  • Understand the operational principles of different types of engines (e.g., Wankel, Atkinson cycle, two-stroke, diesel).

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The Atkinson cycle engine is designed to have a longer expansion stroke than compression stroke, which improves efficiency. This is achieved by keeping the intake valve open longer than normal during the compression stroke.