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In the context of interventions throughout the life of groups, which of the following is a critical point for intervention by the social worker?​

A) ​Dysfunctional role performance
B) ​Attainment of group or individual roles
C) ​The leader assuming a peripheral role
D) ​Formation of subgroups within the main group

Dysfunctional Role

A behavior pattern within a group or system that hinders productivity or well-being, often disrupting harmony and cooperation.


Actions or activities designed to modify a situation, problem, or behavior, often implemented by professionals in social work, psychology, or medicine.

  • Discover approaches that facilitate the growth of groups and resolution of detrimental behaviour.

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Dysfunctional role performance is a critical point for intervention as it can disrupt the effectiveness of the group and hinder progress towards goals. The social worker can help identify and address the issues causing the dysfunctional role performance to improve the functioning of the group. Attainment of group or individual roles, the leader assuming a peripheral role, and formation of subgroups within the main group are also important points for intervention, but they may not be as critical as addressing dysfunctional role performance.