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In Scenario 10-2, for what time period would a patent protect Kimberly's invention?

A) 5 years
B) 10 years
C) 17 years
D) 25 years

Patent Protect

The legal right granted to inventors that prevents others from making, using, selling, or distributing the patented invention without permission, typically for a limited period.

Time Period

A specific duration or interval of time, which may refer to seconds, hours, days, months, or even years, during which certain events or measurements are considered or observed.

  • Gain an understanding of the procedure and perks of patent protection for an invention.

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Edgar Valdez

Apr 29, 2024

Final Answer :
Explanation :
A patent would protect Kimberly's invention for 20 years from the date of filing the application. However, the traditional term mentioned in many contexts used to be 17 years, which might be a source of confusion. The correct current term for utility patents filed on or after June 8, 1995, is 20 years from the earliest filing date. However, since the specific option of 20 years is not provided, the closest previous standard term of 17 years (C) is selected based on the options given.