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In many ways, the scientist-practitioner gap centers around which of the following questions?

A) Can the effectiveness of psychotherapy be studied scientifically?
B) Should therapists be allowed to use their patients in scientific experiments?
C) Should psychology researchers all be required to be trained as therapists?
D) Should therapists be required to use a control group when treating patients?

Scientist-Practitioner Gap

The divide between academic research in psychology and its application in clinical practice, highlighting differences in priorities and methodologies.


A form of treatment aimed at improving mental health and well-being through talking with a psychologist or other mental health professional.

Control Group

In an experiment, the group that does not receive the treatment under study and is used as a benchmark to measure how the other tested subjects do.

  • Discuss the scientist-practitioner gap and its relevance to psychotherapy.

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The scientist-practitioner gap revolves around the question of whether psychotherapy can be studied scientifically, and if so, how. This is a fundamental debate within the field of psychology, with some arguing that therapy is too complex and variable to be studied scientifically, while others advocate for more rigorous scientific testing of therapeutic interventions. The other answer choices are not central to this particular debate.