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In China, which of the following is defined as "an organization which possesses civil legal capacity for civil acts and which, according to the law, independently enjoys civil rights and assumes civil obligations"?

A) Legal person
B) Legal corporation
C) Public entity
D) Civil organization
E) Public organization

Legal Person

An individual or organization that has legal rights and obligations, including the ability to enter into contracts, sue, and be sued.

Civil Legal Capacity

The ability of an individual to enter into legal agreements and contracts and to sue or be sued.

Civil Obligations

Duties or responsibilities recognized by civil law that require an individual or entity to act or abstain from acting in a certain way.

  • Comprehend the legal identity, accountability, and fiscal responsibilities of corporations.

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In China, a "legal person" is defined as an organization that has civil legal capacity, meaning it can independently enjoy civil rights and assume civil obligations according to the law. This concept is fundamental in Chinese law for distinguishing entities that can engage in legal transactions and be held accountable for their actions.