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In behavioral genetic research, _______________ includes the family background in which you grew up and the experiences you shared with your siblings and parents.

A) heritability
B) the nonshared environment
C) the shared environment
D) the peak experience

Behavioral Genetic

A field of study aimed at understanding how genetic and environmental factors influence behaviors and traits.

Shared Environment

Aspects of the environment that individuals living together share and that contribute to making them similar in behavior and traits.

Family Background

The social, economic, and familial environment a person is raised in, which can influence their development and life choices.

  • Comprehend how the environment, encompassing both shared and nonshared contexts, influences the development of personality.

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The shared environment refers to experiences that family members have in common, such as parenting practices, family income and education, and cultural background. This can contribute to similarities in behavior and personality among family members.