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If you see your own unwanted thoughts and undesirable impulses in other people, then you are using the defense mechanism called

A) displacement.
B) reaction formation.
C) intellectualization.
D) projection.

Defense Mechanism

Psychological strategies employed by individuals to cope with reality and maintain self-image by managing stress, emotional conflict, or internal/external demands.


A psychological strategy in which people project their own undesirable emotions, thoughts, or desires onto someone else.

Unwanted Thoughts

Intrusive thoughts that are often distressing and can be difficult to manage or eliminate.

  • Delineate and explain the assortment of defense mechanisms identified by Freud.

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Projection is the defense mechanism in which an individual attributes their own unwanted thoughts, feelings or impulses onto another person. This could also include one's own insecurities or fears being projected onto someone else. Therefore, if an individual sees their own unwanted thoughts and undesirable impulses in another person, they are using projection.