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If you live in Canada and are a woman of colour who does not speak English and you live below the poverty line, what are you considered to be, according to these aspects of your social identity?

A) a member of the dominant group
B) a historically privileged member of society
C) a member of the non-dominant group
D) a socially included member of society

Non-Dominant Group

A social or ethnic group that does not hold a large amount of power or influence in a society compared to the dominant or majority groups.

Poverty Line

An officially determined threshold of income that is considered the minimum necessary to maintain an adequate standard of living in a given country.

Social Identity

The part of a person’s identity that is determined by attributes and characteristics of groups the person aligns themselves with.

  • Develop an understanding of identity concepts, covering personal, communal, and designated identities, along with sophisticated concepts like intersectionality.

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Based on the information provided, the individual would be considered a member of the non-dominant group due to being a woman of colour who does not speak English and living below the poverty line. This means that they face multiple layers of systemic oppression and marginalization, which hinder their social inclusion and increase their vulnerability to discrimination and disadvantage.