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If a company has a record of CSR activities,what legal impact might it have?

A) If the firm is sued and prosecuted,it may receive more lenient penalties.
B) It is more likely to be sued,though less likely to be prosecuted.
C) It is not likely to be sued since it will be perceived as a "kind" company.
D) There is no legal impact resulting from CSR activities.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Describes the efforts taken by corporations to address the company’s effects on environmental and social well-being in order to promote positive change.

  • CSR activities may potentially result in more lenient penalties if the company is sued and prosecuted.
  • The company may have a higher likelihood of being sued, but a lower likelihood of being prosecuted due to its record of CSR activities.
  • The perception of the company as a "kind" company due to its CSR activities may reduce the likelihood of being sued.

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A company with a record of CSR activities may receive more lenient penalties if it is sued and prosecuted, as this can demonstrate a commitment to ethical behavior and social responsibility. However, this does not necessarily make the company immune to lawsuits or prosecution.