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Identify three mechanisms that may link psychological disorders with physical health.
  • The impact of stress: Psychological disorders can lead to chronic stress, which in turn can have negative effects on physical health. Stress can disrupt the body's hormonal balance, weaken the immune system, and increase the risk of developing various physical health conditions.
  • Unhealthy coping mechanisms: Individuals with psychological disorders may engage in unhealthy coping mechanisms such as substance abuse, overeating, or self-harm. These behaviors can have detrimental effects on physical health, leading to conditions such as obesity, cardiovascular diseases, or liver damage.
  • Lifestyle factors: Psychological disorders can often affect an individual's motivation, energy levels, and ability to engage in healthy lifestyle behaviors. This can result in poor nutrition, lack of exercise, inadequate sleep, and increased risk-taking behaviors, all of which can negatively impact physical health and increase the risk of developing various health conditions.

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▪ These include shared genetic causes
▪ medical disorders contributing to psychological disorders
▪ psychological disorders contributing to medical disorders
▪ elevated stress
▪ impaired coping
▪ unhealthy behaviors