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Identify a correct statement about traditional Latinos regarding their views on sexuality.

A) They encourage adolescent males to refrain from sexuality.
B) They place a high value on female virginity.
C) They consider homosexuality as a healthy sexual behavior.
D) They encourage the practice of abortion in case of unplanned pregnancies.

High Value

Something deemed of significant importance, worth, or usefulness in a particular context or by certain standards.

Female Virginity

A concept often defined by the absence of sexual intercourse for a woman or girl, deeply rooted in societal, cultural, and religious contexts.

Adolescent Males

Young males in the phase of life between childhood and adulthood, typically aged between 13 and 19, undergoing various physiological, emotional, and social changes.

  • Gain insight into the concept of ethnocentrism and its repercussions on sexual beliefs and behaviors amongst different cultural groups.

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Traditional Latinos often place a high value on female virginity, seeing it as a sign of purity and worthiness for marriage. They may also encourage abstinence before marriage and view premarital sex as immoral. However, views on sexuality can vary within the Latino community based on individual beliefs and cultural practices. Options A, C, and D are not generally accurate statements about traditional Latino views on sexuality.