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Henry L. Gantt humanized Frederick W. Taylor's differential pay system by

A) paying everyone the same.
B) paying employees in cash.
C) introducing a minimum wage.
D) eliminating bonuses.
E) introducing hourly wages.

Henry L. Gantt

Henry L. Gantt was an American mechanical engineer and management consultant who developed the Gantt chart, a graphical scheduling tool for project management.

Differential Pay System

A compensation strategy where employees are paid differently based on varying criteria such as shifts, hours worked, or job responsibilities.

Introducing Hourly Wages

The process of implementing a pay system where employees are compensated based on the number of hours worked.

  • Recognize prominent individuals in history and their influence on the development of management theory and methodologies.

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Gantt introduced a minimum wage to ensure that all workers received fair compensation, humanizing Taylor's more mechanistic approach.