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Gary's dad frowns when Gary picks up his sister's doll and starts to play with it.His dad's reaction is likely to influence Gary's

A) gender-typing.
B) gender constancy.
C) gender knowledge.
D) gender cycle.


The process by which individuals acquire the characteristics and behaviors culturally defined as appropriate for their sex.

Gender Constancy

A cognitive understanding that one's gender identity is fixed and consistent across time and situation, typically developed by the age of 6 or 7.

Gender Knowledge

Understanding of the social, cultural, and biological aspects of gender and its impact on individual and group identities.

  • Acquire knowledge on the notion of gender differentiation and observe its appearance in children's leisure pursuits.
  • Evaluate the impact of guardians and societal norms on gender socialization.

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Gary's dad's disapproval of him playing with the doll implies that playing with dolls is not an acceptable behavior for boys, reinforcing traditional gender roles and likely shaping Gary's gender-typing. Gender constancy refers to the understanding that one's gender remains consistent over time and is unlikely to be affected by this particular incident. Gender knowledge may be influenced by the incident but is not as directly affected as gender-typing. There is no such thing as a "gender cycle."