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From the 20th to 21st century, the life expectancy of Americans rose by:​

A) ​very nearly 40 years.
B) ​more than 30 years.
C) ​not quite 20 years.
D) ​close to 50 years.

Life Expectancy

The average number of years a person is expected to live based on demographic factors such as age, sex, and location.


Citizens or nationals of the United States, often associated with cultural, social, and political aspects unique to the country.

20th Century

The century spanning from January 1, 1901, to December 31, 2000, marked by significant events including technological advancements, wars, and social changes.

  • Evaluate the development of life expectancy and disparities in health care, considering gender and socio-economic influences.

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According to the information provided, the life expectancy of Americans rose "more than 30 years" from the 20th to the 21st century.