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For the following sentences, select the letter of the incorrect past tense verb in each group. In May 2007, a Russian reindeer herder named Yuri Khudi finded the remains of a woolly mammoth calf that roamed the snowy Arctic over 40,000 years ago.

A) finded
B) roamed

Woolly Mammoth

An extinct species of large prehistoric elephants, covered with long hair, that lived during the Ice Ages.


refers to the polar region at the northernmost part of Earth, characterized by extreme cold, ice-covered seas, and unique ecosystems and wildlife.

  • Delineate the correct and mistaken uses of past tense verbs within diverse settings.
  • Delineate the differences between regular and irregular verbs in past tense application.

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The incorrect past tense verb is "finded." The correct past tense of "find" is "found."