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For Gordon Allport, our personalities reflect:

A) five to ten central traits and additional secondary traits.
B) the ways we cope with the struggle to find meaning in existence.
C) whether or not a person received unconditional positive regard throughout childhood.
D) a gradual progression toward self-actualization.

Central Traits

are the key characteristics that define an individual's personality and are thought to be central to how we perceive and describe others.

Secondary Traits

Personality characteristics that are less consistent and more situational, influencing behavior in fewer scenarios compared to primary traits.

Unconditional Positive Regard

A concept in psychology that involves accepting and supporting someone regardless of what they say or do, often used in therapeutic settings.

  • Identify and explain fundamental theories of personality progression.

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Gordon Allport believed that our personalities reflect five to ten central traits, which are the dominant characteristics that describe a person, along with additional secondary traits that are more specific and situational. He believed that these traits are stable and enduring, and can predict how a person will behave across different situations.