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Experts who defend intelligence tests against the charge of being culturally biased and discriminatory would be most likely to highlight the ________ of intelligence tests.

A) stability
B) split-half reliability
C) predictive validity
D) heritability

Predictive Validity

The degree to which a score from a test or scale forecasts upcoming performance in a connected task or result.

Culturally Biased

Culturally biased refers to the tendency to interpret or judge phenomena through the lens of one's own cultural background, potentially leading to inaccuracies or unfairness.

  • Acquire knowledge about the purpose and restrictions of intelligence tests, with a focus on cultural biases.

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May 08, 2024

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Predictive validity refers to the ability of an intelligence test to accurately predict future performance, regardless of cultural background. Thus, experts defending intelligence tests against cultural bias would likely emphasize this aspect of the tests to argue that they are not discriminatory. The other options - stability, split-half reliability, and heritability - are important features of intelligence tests, but they do not directly relate to the issue of cultural bias.