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Dr. Mabuse recruits three judges to read the diaries of a group of respondents and rate the extent to which each person mentions self-words (such as I, me, mine, or my) . Dr. Mabuse then correlates the ratings of the judges and finds that r = .87. What can Dr. Mabuse conclude?

A) Test-retest reliability is within an acceptable range.
B) The internal consistency of this methodology is weak.
C) There is high intercoder reliability for this judgment task.
D) The diary-writing task is a valid measure of personality.

Intercoder Reliability

Occurs when people coding stories or written material agree, using a set of rules, that it meets certain criteria.

  • Acknowledge the necessity of reliability and validity for psychological testing and measurement contexts.
  • Identify the differences among multiple types of validity (e.g., face validity, convergent validity, discriminant validity) and reliability (e.g., internal reliability, test-retest reliability) within measurement.

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The high correlation coefficient (r = .87) indicates that there is high intercoder reliability for this judgment task, meaning that the judges are consistent in their ratings of how often self-words are mentioned in the diaries. This suggests that the methodology can be used reliably in future research. However, the correlation does not provide information on the validity of the diary-writing task as a measure of personality.