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Dr. Flynn studies children's thought processes. She asks research questions regarding the size of a child's short-term memory and how many programs the child can run simultaneously. Dr. Flynn's research is representative of which type of theoretical orientation?

A) Biological
B) Cognitive developmental
C) Behavioral
D) Information processing

Short-Term Memory

The capacity for holding a small amount of information in mind in an active, readily available state for a short period.

Information Processing

The view in which cognitive processes are compared to the functions of computers. The theory deals with the input, storage, retrieval, manipulation, and output of information. The focus is on the development of children’s strategies for solving problems—their “mental programs.”

Theoretical Orientation

A specific set of beliefs, attitudes, and practices that guide a therapist or counselor in their approach to understanding clients' issues and helping them.

  • Comprehend the impact of the information-processing viewpoint on the evolution of cognition.

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Dr. Flynn's research focuses on the capacity of short-term memory and multitasking abilities in children, which aligns with the information processing perspective. This perspective views the human mind as similar to a computer, emphasizing how information is input, stored, and retrieved.