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Dr. Caligari is assessing Matteo's physical reactions to stimuli such as bright lights and loud sounds in order to estimate Matteo's degree of openness to experience. Dr. Caligari is using a __________ to collect information.

A) projective test
B) psychological measure
C) retest measure
D) physiological measure

Physiological Measure

A quantifiable assessment of biological responses that can indicate psychological or emotional states, such as heart rate, blood pressure, or hormone levels.

Projective Test

A type of personality test in which the individual offers responses to ambiguous scenes, words, or images, revealing hidden emotions and internal conflicts.

Psychological Measure

an instrument or tool used to evaluate, quantify, or assess a psychological variable or outcome, such as intelligence, personality, or mental health.

  • Acknowledge the value and impacts of employing projective tests, informant reports, and physiological measures in the context of psychological evaluations.

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Dr. Caligari is assessing Matteo's physical reactions, such as dilation of pupils or changes in heart rate, which are physiological measures used to collect information about one's response to stimuli.