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Dr.Botwi is conducting participant action research for a community's drug abuse program.She meets with various stakeholders and asks them to discuss their concerns,issues,and problem.Dr.Botwi is at which phase of participant action research?

A) Gathering the Information to Answer the Questions
B) Identifying the Research Question(s)
C) Analyzing and Interpreting the Information
D) Sharing the Results with the Participants

Participant Action Research

Participant Action Research is a methodology that involves researchers and participants collaborating actively to identify problems, enact change, and generate knowledge within a community or organization.


Individuals or groups that have an interest, investment, or stake in a project, business, or decision, and who may be impacted by its outcome.

Analyzing and Interpreting

This refers to the process of examining data or information to extract meaning or insights, often by identifying patterns or underlying themes.

  • Understand how to gather and analyze information in participant action research.

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Dr. Botwi is at the phase of identifying the research question(s) as she is meeting with stakeholders to discuss their concerns, issues, and problems. This is the initial step in participant action research, where the researcher collaborates with participants to determine the research needs and questions.