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Dr.Agnew is interested in the new STEM (science,technology,engineering,and math) programs appearing in local schools.She conducts a case study on a classroom because it is unique and interesting.She is not trying to develop new grounded theory or to test abstract theory.Which type of case study is this example of?

A) Embedded case study
B) Intrinsic case study
C) Instrumental case study
D) Collective case study

STEM Programs

Educational initiatives that focus on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to prepare students for careers in these fields.

Intrinsic Case Study

A type of case study focusing on the unique aspects of a single case, often conducted to gain a deeper understanding of the subject rather than to generalize findings.

Grounded Theory

A research method that involves building theory through systematic collection and analysis of qualitative data.

  • Understand the unique features and purposes of different types of case study designs, including intrinsic, instrumental, and collective.

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This is an example of an intrinsic case study, where the case itself is of interest and is studied in depth, without the intention of generalizing findings to other cases or developing new theory.