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Discuss why you think gambling disorder is included in the chapter on substance-related and addictive disorders?


Meeting the criteria for two or more diagnostic categories simultaneously.

  • Understanding the relationship between gambling disorder and substance-related disorders helps to identify common underlying mechanisms and risk factors for addiction.
  • Exploring the inclusion of gambling disorder in the chapter on substance-related and addictive disorders allows for a comprehensive understanding of addictive behaviors beyond substance use.
  • Examining gambling disorder within the context of substance-related disorders can provide insights into the neurobiological and psychological processes involved in addiction.

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Students' answers will vary.Key terms and concepts that may be included in student responses:
▪ Gambling disorder is new to DSM-5 and represents a behavioral addiction.It is characterized by persistent and recurrent problematic gambling even in the face of significant social, financial, and psychological consequences.It seems to share many risk factors and clinical patterns with the substance use disorders.