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Discuss some of the key findings of psychological theories on substance use disorders.


Condition of experiencing less and less effect from the same dose of a substance.

  • Psychological theories highlight the role of reinforcement and reward in substance use disorders. They propose that individuals may use substances to experience pleasurable effects or to escape from negative emotions.
  • Cognitive theories emphasize the role of cognitive processes, such as decision-making and self-control, in substance use disorders. They suggest that individuals with impaired decision-making abilities or weak self-control may be more prone to developing substance use disorders.
  • Theories suggest that substance use disorders are influenced by a combination of genetic, environmental, and psychological factors.

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Key terms and concepts that may be included in student responses:
▪ Social learning theories-Children and adolescents may learn substance-use behaviors by modeling the behavior of their parents and important people in their culture.
▪ Cognitive theories have focused on people's expectations of alcohol's effects and their beliefs about the appropriateness of using it to cope with stress.People who expect alcohol to reduce their stress and who do not have more adaptive means of coping are more likely than others to drink alcohol when they are upset and to have social problems related to drinking.
▪ One personality characteristic consistently related to an increased risk of substance use disorders is behavioral under-control.