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Developmental psychologists have attempted to identify the effects of many specific childrearing practices on children's personality traits. The problem with this line of research, which was discussed in the textbook, is that:

A) parents who use physical punishment won't be honest with the researchers.
B) psychologists cannot agree on whether to use cross-sectional or longitudinal approaches.
C) it is difficult to recruit parents to serve as participants in this research.
D) parents are inconsistent from day to day and over the years.

Childrearing Practices

The methods and strategies used by parents and caregivers to raise and nurture children.

Developmental Psychologists

Professionals who study the psychological growth and changes that occur throughout the lifespan, from infancy to old age.

Physical Punishment

The use of physical force with the intention of causing a child to experience pain, but not injury, for the purpose of correction or control.

  • Investigate the influence of child upbringing techniques on personality traits and behavior.

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The problem with identifying the effects of specific childrearing practices on children's personality traits is that parents can be inconsistent in their behavior towards their children from day to day and over the years. This inconsistency makes it difficult to determine if a specific practice is having a consistent impact on a child's personality.