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Describe the factors that need to be addressed when starting a private practice.

Private Practice

The business practice of a professional, especially in healthcare or legal fields, who operates independently rather than being employed by an organization.


The act or process of initiating or beginning something, such as a project, activity, or conversation.

  • Create and examine plans for establishing and marketing a personal nutrition business, with an emphasis on client acquisition, service concentration, and site selection.

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Anthony Raphael

May 13, 2024

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When starting a private practice, nutrition counselors need to define a focus. This includes deciding what services to offer (e.g., wellness vs. weight management vs. diabetes, etc.). It is important to find a niche that allows you to master skills in a particular area of nutrition versus trying to be a "jack of all trades." The next step is to obtain additional professional credentials and seek advanced training. Your focus will guide the advanced certifications and training you should seek. Next, you must learn and connect; this includes participating in continuing education activities and connecting with colleagues in your specialty area. The final steps include creating a business roadmap, seeking a professional support system, and engaging in business basics (e.g., financial planning, accepting insurance, etc.).